While God was Watching

by Kevin on September 14, 2011

Hooley watched as Dan jerked down hard on the bridle when his horse didn’t follow right behind him. Hooley bit his tongue as Dan then jerked down hard three more times because the horse was trying to get away from him.

As they rode off to check the calvin’ heifers, Dan continued his onslaught on his poor horse. When the horse stumbled, Dan tagged him hard in the shoulder with a spur and told him to, “Stand up!” When Dan leaned over to look at some fresh tracks, he nearly pulled the bit clean through the abused horse’s head.

At lunch, not only did Dan hobble his horse, he tied his head all the way down, right next to the hobbles because of the “aggravation” he had caused him all morning.

When they got in that evening, Hooley unsaddled his horse, gave him some grain, and turned him out to pasture. He heard Dan mutterin’ under his breath about something as he rubbed his horse down. Hooley ignored him and went to the bunkhouse.

After chuck that evenin’, some of the hands were playin’ cards, some were whittlin’ on wood, and Hooley was readin’ the Good Book. From the card game, loud enough for everyone to hear, Dan said, “I was a might disappointed in Hooley today. We rode a long way and when we got in, I spent an hour rubbin’ my horse down–like any good cowboy would do. Hooley just unsaddled, grained his horse, and walked in to look after himself.”

All eyes turned to Hooley. He never looked up from the Bible and read aloud, “Proverbs 21:3 says ‘To do what is just and right is more acceptable to God than sacrifice.’ You took care of your horse for one hour Dan while everyone was watchin’. I took care of my horse all day while God was watchin’.”

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  • Ed

    ooo boy. That was good.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Ed. I’ve been Dan before….unfortunately.

      • We’ve all been Dan before. The important thing is to be honest enough to admit it.

        • Kevin

          Was mine honest enough? lol

      • Don Coyote

        I been Dan and I been Dan’s hoss. Learned from both.

        • Don Coyote

          Got a question fer ya. Did ol’ Hooley happen ta come by that Bible from outta Mr. Dean’s saddle bags some time back?

          • Kevin

            Actually, I’ve been thinking about using only one character in most of my stories. I’ve thought about using Dean, but it might be Hooley.

            Without Google, do you know where Hooley comes from? Hint: Minor character in a book.

            • Don Coyote

              Yep. Elmer Kelton’s book The Smiling Country.

              • Kevin

                Good call!

  • Chaplain Jack

    Praise God, great reminder.

    • Kevin

      Thanks Chaplain! God bless ya

  • Greg Box

    Boy howdy, that’s good! I have to admit I have been on both sides of that fence and as I’m work in progress always by God’s Love and Grace in my life, I really work each and everyday to keep my walk in faith with God close, as I do know HE sees everything and hears everything that I do good and bad always. Thanks Be To God – AMEN! Thanks Kevin for another awesome devotional!

    All God’s Blessings To You And Your Family,


    • Kevin

      Growing in Christ has more to do with the things we do when nobody is watching more than it does the other way around. Thanks for your faithful encouragement everyday Greg.

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