Who does Cowboy Church reach? An interview with Kevin Weatherby

by Kevin on July 18, 2011

This was an interview with www.northcentralpa.com. A big thanks to Cindy Knier for editing and posting this video.

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  • Greg Box

    Great Interview – love your real life testimony and how God tugged and kept tugging until you let him have your reins in whatever and wherever he needed ya! Man and you felt and heard and recognized his calling! God Is Good All The Time! Thanks Kevin You Are A Blessing And I Appreciate You!

  • Paul Weatherby

    Proud of you son. It’s like taking the “outside” and bringing in all to the “pens”. “Git ‘er done!”

  • That helped. I think I get it. Am passing this on to Matt while they are still looking for Ranches, mostly on the Front Range.

    Do another two or three only three minutes long and tell a story with each on a cowboy whose life has been changed or an interesting incident.

  • Heather Hall

    This is a good way to describe how cowboy church aim for one bulls eye but hit millions with the ripple effect! And thank God for the ripple effect because I love my “Barn” home and family!

  • Chad Armstrong

    Great interview amigo!!!! I have said it once and I will say it again, I’m a sorry sinner without a doubt myself. But I can remember when Christ was not in my life, I remember the day I asked Christ to be my savior and my God. Now is my rope straight with Christ? lol well its got a heck of alot more kinks out of it than what it had in back 20 years ago and the rope is a little straighter. I’ve always been a cowboy but at one point I thought I could be one with out being fed the knowledge and the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ. Let me tell ya friends this is a real life episode that made me re-think this. Beltan Texas Last bullrider out in the event I drew a bull that I was sure to take home the buckle and money and I was gonna ride the rawhide off of this bull. I had been winning money I was cocky and I new I was good!!! ha,ha,ha well I called for the gate and 2 jumps out of the chute gate at what felt like marc 3 in a fighter jet with an explosion of an atom bomb and the agilatiy of a jucied up spider monkey. This bull left the earth and turn back so fast I didnt know if I was winding my butt or scratching my watch!!! I hit the ground so hard I watched my breathe leave my body for what seemed like 2 days. Then this bulls 2 hind hoves hit the ground within 2 inches of my head! and I felt the ground move literally! However I was okay made it back to the chute and I can never remember a time that I shook so hard and was scared to death that I could have just ended it all right there. What scared me most, I was not ready and by that I mean I was not Christ ready. I knew I was not in a relationship with my God and although he knew me, I failed to acknowledge how great he is. God is great God loves us all and through Christ all things can be reached and it helps to straighten them kinks we have in our ropes. Ha,ha,ha Kevin thanks for reaching out and doing Gods work I love ya brother God Bless…

    • Real, deep, uplifting, Chad. Well said, well lived. Both a credit to The Father. With the trend in the online world heading to short videos, yours ( and a few others) will make a lively, winsome addition around the campfire. We ought to get KW to put this on his agenda.

      • Kevin

        Puttin’ somethin’ on my agenda is easy…..gettin’ it done is another matter. Especially with ranch internet service.

    • Kevin

      You’re an amazin’ example of what happens when Christ gets a hold of a cowboy.

  • Marilyn

    Kevin, thanks, great Good News!

    (Anyone’s) Personal testimony falling on the right ears definitely hits the target!

  • Tay

    Great job Kevin.


    • Kevin

      He laughed when I passed your message along! Thanks for droppin’ by Rod.

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