Why Cowboys Are Unmistakable

by Kevin on February 23, 2016

My friend and I stood underneath the cloudy sky as the propane tank behind my house filled. He was driving the truck and we never miss a chance to visit and talk a little about God.

After the tank was filled, Dean asked me if he needed to come in and light any pilot lights for me since I had let the tank run dry. I was flabbergasted by his complete disregard for my abilities as a man…much less a cowboy.

A cowboy doesn’t need someone to light pilot lights! That’s like asking a man if he needs you to come over and start his BBQ pit for him, or if he needs help changing a light bulb.

I can start colts, rope bulls, and rope bulls on started colts by gosh! The audacity of his question was overwhelming. I knew it was his job, and the fact that he is my friend, and he’d do anything to help me out. But really? Do I need help with anything fire related?

I don’t think so!

We shook hands after I told him that I could probably handle it and he got in his big gas truck and drove out with four dogs barking at his mud flaps. I went inside and armed myself with a fire stick and headed downstairs.

I knelt down in front of the boiler and turned the little knob to “pilot” and got it lit on the first try. Some air had to get out the line first, but I got it lit. I knew the main burners should fire right up since there was zero hot water in the entire house, but they didn’t light. Finally, I remembered the light switch that controlled the boiler had been turned off when the propane went dry. I reached up, still on my knees, and flipped the switch with the end of my blue and black long fire stick.

Immediately, an atomic bomb fireball engulfed where I was sitting. It was if I had stumbled into a dragon’s lair and the foul beast had awoken to find me knelt down in front of it playing with matches.

Lucky for me that I’m half Comanche Indian (on my mom’s side) and pretty much 7/16 ninja (from my wife’s side). I was able to levitate backward, nearly out of reach of the napalm onslaught that was attacking my face…but I still singed most of the hair off my eyebrows and the little goatee that has taken me four years to grow.

Facial hair isn’t a spiritual gift of ninja Indians.

Well, cowboys can be a lot of things, but one thing we’ve got down pat is our unmistakable optimism. Even when we think we can’t do it we are pretty sure that we can. You don’t think we can do something? Just ask us…We’ll tell you we can…And we will believe it.

There are three things that characterize a cowboy that has unmistakable optimism:

Thankfulness – A cowboy with unmistakable optimism doesn’t let his circumstances dictate his thankfulness. His thankfulness dictates his circumstances.

Contentment – A cowboy with unmistakable optimism is satisfied with what his life is, not what his life isn’t.

No quit – God doesn’t quit guiding us when we mess up, so we don’t quit God when we mess up either.

So then, my dear friends, stand firm and steady. Keep busy always in your work for the Lord, since you know that nothing you do in the Lord’s service is ever useless. 1 Corinthians 15:58

© Kevin Weatherby, 2016


If you know a cowboy that has this kind of optimism, share it with him or her! Do you know someone that needs a little encouragement to be optimistic, share it with them too. It helps us spread the Word.

Would you like to check out the whole message? You can even hear a powerful testimony from former NFL linebacker Christ Draft as he spoke at Save the Cowboy.

Go here to check it out: https://livestream.com/accounts/2788297/events/4854186

Our visit: http://www.chrisdraftfamilyfoundation.org

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