Why do I live out in the middle of nowhere?

by Kevin on May 3, 2011

Why do you live out in the middle of no where? I have been asked that question countless times. Others may just make a statement like, “I could never live way out there.” My standard response is usually, “If you have to ask the question, you wouldn’t understand the answer.”

Today’s society is not that much different than the time that Jesus lived. People wanted clear cut answers to their questions. They wanted someone to give them the answer. They didn’t want to have to think about anything. Just give me the right answer so I can move on with my life. I don’t want to have to put any effort or sweat into figuring this thing out on my own. Don’t keep me waiting and don’t drag it out. Why do you live out in the middle of no where?

I want you to come stay with me so you can see a different sunrise and sunset everyday. Describing them just doesn’t work. I want you to come lay on the ground and stare at more stars than you have ever seen. You have to be showed, not told. I want to walk through the pasture with you and laugh as you jump when the covey of quail fly away from beneath your feet. We will listen to the coyotes howl in the evening. We will listen to the frogs after a rain. We will listen to the sound of nothing in between, and be glad in it.

Those things can’t be said, they must be heard. We will become better friends around a campfire and a coffee pot without ever saying a word. But be careful, most things out here will either bite you or stick you. God made them that way so you would pay attention to the beauty around you. He didn’t want you to walk through his creation with your eyes closed. Why do I live out here? I can’t really give you an answer, only an experience.

Jesus came to earth and the very first thing He did was a miracle. He was born from a virgin. His whole life was one miracle or prophecy fulfilled after another. He healed people, walked on water, raised people from the dead, was fed by angels and dueled with the devil. Still, after all of this, people asked the question.

John 10:24-25

24 The people surrounded him and asked, “How long are you going to keep us in suspense? If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.” 25 Jesus replied, “I have already told you, and you don’t believe me. The proof is the work I do in my Father’s name.

Have you experienced Jesus or just been told about Him? He wants you to experience life with Him. He doesn’t just want you to hear about something and then believe it just because someone said it.

If I told you that my house had the greatest sunsets in the world, would you just take my word for it or come experience that for yourself? If I told you that true peace and happiness come from Jesus, would you just accept that as an answer to a question or would you want to experience that for yourself?

Jesus is the answer to every question you have, but He is so much more than that. Most people are content with the answer and not with the experience. Getting to know Jesus requires walking through the pasture together. Knowing Jesus means laughing together, crying together, and knowing each other.

Won’t you please get to know Him today? Get to know Him around a campfire and coffeepot. Get to know Him while staring at the stars in the middle of nowhere. Get to know Him by talking to Him where you are right now. You know the answer. Now experience Him. He’s been waiting on you.


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  • The difference between David, a man after God’s own heart, and Solomon who kind of messed up the whole first commandment thing, was the number of encounters they had with God. David saw Him daily while Solomon only has two recorded encounters. I’m certainly looking for daily encounters myself.

  • Greg Box

    Another Great Devotional Cowboy – I needed that today, a wonderful and great reminder of what really is important in life-Awesome! Thanks Be To God – Amen!

    I look forward to meeting you and spending some time with you the next time your out this way!
    Hope all is well in Colorado and All God’s Blessings To You And Your Family Always,

    Greg Box
    Midland Greenwood, Texas USA

    • Kevin

      Right back at ya Greg…

      I will be down that way in the middle of June. Hopefully my little brother will have that pool ready by then. Can’t wait to meet ya.

  • Robert

    Truly a very inspirational post, Kevin. The analogy of the sunset you provided is awesome. Well done.

    • Kevin

      Thank you sir!!

  • Thanks Kevin! I just read this tonight and I need to walk in the pasture for awhile with Jesus. That old enemy wants us to walk with him but the only answer is Jesus Christ!!! I’m glad I live in the middle of nowhere, and it reminds me of HIS GREATNESS!!

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