Win a copy of the first book by Campfire Cowboy Ministries

by Kevin on November 11, 2010

I am pleased to announce (and more than a little nervous) that Campfire Cowboy Ministries will be publishing it’s first book hopefully in time for Christmas, but I need your help.

Please come to the website (you can click on the title and it will take you there if you get this in email) and let me know what your favorite article or devotion has been. The book is going to be a collection of 40 favorites hand picked by you. But wait, there’s more.

By helpin’ me out, you will enter a chance to win a free book. All you have to do is suggest a devotion. But wait, there’s more!

If you don’t have a favorite but want to be entered into the drawing, just mention this free book giveaway on Twitter or your own website. You can even link to it on Facebook, but you’ll have to let me know you did that.

Thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart. Please keep this project in your prayers as we spread the Word of God to cowboys and cowgirls all over the world.


Kevin Weatherby

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  • Don Coyote

    ‎”The Powerful Life of a Godly Cowboy”. The Mrs. is still trying to get the coffee stains off the wall of my office over a buncha Santa Foot-tudis.

  • Mickey Perritt

    You sure do make it hard to choose. I love all you stories.

    But If I have to choose just one I think it would be “5 Rules That Will Change Your Family’s Life”. This one says a lot about how people should live each and every day. At least it’s how I try to live my life.

    Thank you for ALL your stories and looking forward to reading you book. Even though I probably read the stories it will be nice to go and pull it off the shelf.

    God bless you and may the Boss always lead you down the right trails!

  • I’m still in favor of “What if cowboys went in search of bigfoot, nessie, and aliens”

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  • Jessica

    Rough Roads Lead to Right Places…most have had to travel some pretty rough roads to get to where they are…however my roads have been rough but along the way their are some pretty amazing lessons learned and friends made.

  • Sonya Wentzel

    What a hard choice!!! My son and I share these devotions everyday and he in turn shares them with others. What a blessing! I work for a camp ministry for urban and under-resourced youth that includes a horse program. I am suggesting to our Horse Program Director that we share these devotions with our campers. All of them are awesome but I would have to say my favorite is JESUS DOESN’T WANT SOMETHING FROM YOU, HE WANTS THIS FOR YOU. Can’t wait for the book!! Thank you so much for this ministry.

  • Janet White

    I just started receiving these emails but am already hooked on them. I anxiously open them in the morning to read what you have to say. They are all so relavant and such a great way to share the Lord’s word. Thank you so much for your ministry. I look forward to the book.

  • Dana P

    This was a very hard decision, however, since I need to pick a favorite it will have to be “Everthing I need to know (about faith) I learned from my horse”. I can’t count the number of times that I have been speeding toward disaster when I remember that I had better stop and pray about what it is I’m “fixin” to do and God in his almighty and ultimate wisdom just slows me down and most of the time turns me in a completely different direction. Thank you for all you do. I love a devotion that speaks to the ordinary man or woman in words we can all understand. Thanks again.

  • John Allen Walts

    Kevin, I honestly can’t just pick a few, I’ve enjoyed everyone. But the story were you got frustrated with the cattlebuyer for being a jerk and went and picked up a cedar stay to show him the error of his ways… Well that story really sticks in my head for several reasons. Cant wait for the book. Can we order copies ahead of time?
    JA Walts

  • patcee g.

    Seeing that I need them , I start my day with your stories – “Send someone to tell my family” has hit
    home with me – much needed wake-up/reminder call.

  • Sandra Hunt

    All I can say is, Its about time and I definitely want my copy. Your writings were much too good not to be published

  • Cathleen Griego

    My first time to read anything from Cowboys. My Cowboys (Justin and Jeffrey) have always been heros. Thank you for the opportunity and insite. Hope I win. When Justin was 3 years old he saw Jesus in our kitchen. I was washing and he came out of the kitchen and said “Come see Jesus He is in the kitchen” I have no doubt he was. Gripped by His Grace and Touched by His Love Daily. Cat

  • Rachel

    Well, I can’t pick just one either. But, I did share it on my site, I love your devotionals and hope that my sharing will help many people. 🙂 The things you write about make me think, and sometimes I’ve been in those situtations, maybe not exactly, or some never, but they sure make you think about the outcome of things and what God holds for us. Thanks Kevin!

  • Kevin, I could not pick just one, but some of my favorites are:
    How opening your Bible is easier than opening a feed sack.
    Godly lesson from a mind controlling flying bug.
    How To Use Move #33 of the Cowboy Kung-Fu Handbook
    MacGyver ain’t got nothin’ on cowboys
    The Hickory Handle Cure
    The only two things a cowboy can control
    How you are in the pasture is more important than how you are in the church.
    How to know what God wants from you.
    I quit spanking my kids…I use a hot shot and you should too.
    Are you willing to ride where no one else rides?
    and the Letters series.

    Praying that God will direct you as you complete the book. –Richard

  • Kari Ivey

    The one where you said Christie looked like a cow in her newly sewn dress.

    • Kevin

      Was that a devotion or just a sermon? I have looked and looked and I can’t find that in a devotion. Help me out if you can.

  • Becky

    My favorite is the one I can’t remember the name of, something about needing to go back to being able to spank kids or something. It was a great post from awhile back. The other ones were the letters from God, Jesus, and I think the Holy Spirit..again can’t remember the title names. I have a lot of favorites but those are a few.

  • Seth Craig

    I think my favorite is The powerful life of a Godly cowboy. You’re doing good, cowboy- keep it goin’.

  • Cherylannie Chapman

    Kevin – I would have to say “The devil is waitin’ to ambush you”, reason being that e-mail came in one day at just the right time (God has away of doin’ that), and just when ya think ya gotter – well ya know the rest. You have been such a blessin’ to us and the community. May the Good Lord continue to guide ya in all yer good works here on earth!!

    Cherylannie Chapman

  • Kevin C Buchanan

    Hey Kevin just got your latest and when you mentioned suggestions for our favorite devotional, I thought of one that I shared with the most people. It was something like keep goin in the right direction. Follow the Point Rider

  • Dad

    All your devotions have a special meaning to a parent.
    “Slick Rock” slips up on us all the time.

    “Move that Rock” is special to me.

    Proud Dad for a son who puts things in their place by the Grace of God

  • Melanie Murray

    Just started reading your devotions, have read some of the older ones also. 5 Rules That Will Change Your Families Life…is the one that has spoken to me most.

  • Dick Holloway

    Kevin, it would be difficult to pick “one”. RCV of Col. Travis’ Line in the Sand was very good. Slip Rock was great. 5 things from True Grit was up there. How to tell a Cowboy could well have been a business man or any other occupation.
    Don’t put me in the runnin’ for a free one – just tell me how to order one.
    Keep up the good work.
    A day without one of these is like a day with no sunshine.

  • Like most everyone else, I have several that I think are great. I do remember being moved by the one where talked about having to put your dog down.

  • Just out of curiosity, what route are you taking for publishing?

  • Joe Ray Snow

    I will always treasure “Windmills of Christianity for Larry Joyce”. Where do we get a copy of your book?

    • Kevin

      The book will be out in March. It’s at the Editor right now. You will be able to buy it from this website or on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.

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