Win a vacation today.

by Kevin on July 26, 2011

When was the last time you got away? When was the last time you just went somewhere all by yourself? Take a walk with me now down to the bottom of the hill and let’s get away.

About ten hours from the time of this writing, I am going to walk out my front door and walk to the bunkhouse. It’s going to take me about ten minutes to get there, and in that time frame, I am going to try to let everything go.

The birds will be singing and eating the food that God has provided. The horses will be eating the grass in the pasture. People will be going way too fast down County Road 150 on their way to jobs that probably make them miserable.

I’ll try not to think of my three full-time jobs on my walk or the things that need to get done. You see, I’m going to get away from it all. I’m going to go somewhere that nobody else can go with me.

I’m going to go pray. Not just a bow my head and say something that I think Jesus will like, but a down home, down on my knees prayer retreat. Why? Because that’s what Jesus did.

When things got tough for him, he always went away to spend time with his Dad. In this fast paced, purpose driven, succeed or starve lifestyle that we all live, we have neglected the very thing that keeps us going.

But when you pray, head out to the barn where even the horses can’t see you. Then the Boss, who sees and hears everything, will reward you. –Matthew 6:6 (Simplified Cowboy Version)

We have to do this because we are made to worship. Hold your breath and see how long things go smoothly.

I know some of you feel spiritually wiped out. Why…because prayer is breathing for the soul.

When you find yourself struggling with life, griping about things you can’t change, blaming yourself for others mistakes and blaming others for yours, then it may be down to put your boots on and head to the barn for a good old fashioned “come-to-Jesus-meeting”.

And why not? If it worked for Him…it’ll work for you.

Where do you like to go pray where even the horses can’t see you?

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  • Don Coyote

    Well, in this particular vacation spot, I do my best prayin’ out on the fire escape.

    • Kevin

      Fire Escape!!! That’s one reason we pray and thank God….to escape the fire.

  • Ed

    For me it’s the special room across from my office. Nice and quiet, nobody around; just me and Jesus.

    • Kevin


  • buck

    In the early morning under the open sky.

    • Kevin

      That’s what I miss most about Coyanosa….the wide open sky.

  • Jeremy Deal

    I do most of mine out in the open pasture nowhere near the horses or other animals.

    • Kevin

      Great place!!

  • Seiji

    I’ve always liked getting up really early or staying up really late and after everyone else is asleep to go and kneel before the Father. Over the past couple of days that has Bren getting easier and harder as e learn to care for our newborn, but I find that no matter what I still gert great time with the Father.

    • Kevin

      Holdin’ that baby is proof enough that prayer works!!

  • Greg Box

    In the morning, peaking daylight in the barn at an old table beside the saddle house/tack room just me and God, but have also been praying in the house early of a morning in the kitchen and nobody around-just me and God too. Thanks Kevin, boy today’s devotional really touched me and I sure enough needed it! Thank you and God Bless You and Your Family!


    • Kevin

      Love it!!

  • Chris

    Man, I was wrestling with this very issue this morning. There’s nowhere in my house that I can really get away from it all. If I go outside, it’s hot and muggy, and swarms of mosquitoes await me. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to live in Colorado, New England, the mountains of North Carolina, some place where the scenery is beautiful and the weather is good. Somehow I always feel closer to God in the mountains.

    • Kevin

      Ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ you from moving to Colorado….but I just got attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes!!

  • This has been a struggle for me since my “unfortunate incident,” as my options are very limited. But since I am home alone quite a bit, I have learned to create a sacred space in our guest bedroom. In fact, I have come to think of it as Jesus’ bedroom. Love spending time there in the mornings when the day is new and all things are possible!

    • Kevin

      I had a Jesus bedroom at our other house!

  • Oh, for me…I pray in my bedroom. My dad respects my space and that’s where I go when really need to have a talk with Jesus…It seems like I’ve been doing an awful lot of “talking/praying” these last 7 days…Jesus is LIFE…and He keeps me going 🙂 Greetings from Oregon, Heather 🙂

    • Kevin

      Prayer is just a fancy word for talkin’ to God. That’s they way he likes it.

  • Buster Mitchell

    The radio went out in my ol Dodge truck about a year ago… my wife (who hardly ever rides in it) has been after me to “git a new one” (not sure if she means the truck or the radio)… but I have found that the 40 minutes to and from work have now come to be my “praying time”… Abba and I have truly grown closer since I talk to him every day now… Amazing, huhh?!?!?

    • Kevin

      Yeah!! Funny how prayer brings you closer to God. Thanks Buster

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