You can be in the new book “Simplified Cowboy Version – Gospel of Matthew”

by Kevin on March 26, 2012

We are in the final stages before printing the new Simplified Cowboy Version – Gospel of Matthew. I have one last opportunity to make any changes or additions and I want to include you.

Here is the entire twelfth chapter and by leaving a comment supporting the SCV here on the website, your comment might just appear in it!


Matthew 12

Jesus Works on the Day of Rest

Jesus rode through a wheat field on the day that God had told everyone to relax and rest. His cowboys were famished and picked some of the grain to eat. 2 When the Religious Know-It-Alls saw this, they said to Jesus, “Look at that! Your cowboys are breakin’ God’s law and workin’ on the day he told us to rest.”

3 He answered, “Haven’t you heard what David did when his crew was hungry? 4 He entered God’s church, and all of them ate the food that had been left there as offering to God. They weren’t supposed to do that. Only the priests are supposed to eat that food. 5 When everyone else is supposed to be resting, the priests and preachers are up working and teachin’ everyone else, but they are innocent? 6 I’m tellin’ you that someone better than a church building is standin’ right here. 7 Religious hypocrites don’t ever understand these words, ‘I want a relationship, not a religion’. 8 The Son of Man is Boss over the day of rest.”

9 Then Jesus rode into their church, 10 and there was a fellow there that had a deformed hand. Tryin’ to catch Jesus in a trap, they asked him, “Is it wrong to heal on the day of rest?”

11 Jesus told ‘em, “If you had a baby calf that fell in a wash down by the creek and it couldn’t get out, wouldn’t you rope it and pull it out even if it was the Day of Rest? 12 Cowboys mean a lot more to God than calves do! There ain’t nothin’ wrong with healin’ on the Day of Rest.”

13 Then he told the guy with the deformed hand, “Take your hand out of your pocket and hold it over here.” The guy did what he was told and Jesus healed it completely. 14 The Religious Know-It-Alls got so dad-gummed mad at Jesus for doin’ this that they started ponderin’ how they might take him out.

Folks Flock to Jesus

15 Jesus knew they was gonna try to take him out, so he left. A huge herd of folks followed him when he left and he healed all that were sick, 16 but he told ‘em all not to tell anyone who did it. 17 This was because the great cowboy Isaiah had seen the future when he wrote:

18 “Look here at the guy that works for me, the cowboy that I love and the one I have chosen. I will give my power to him and he will bring justice to the whole world.

19 He will not squabble or raise his voice in public.

20 He won’t ride his horse over the weak and pitiful, nor will he dash the smallest dream until he conquers the world with his final showdown.

21 His name will become the hope of the whole world.

22 Then the people brought him a possessed man that couldn’t talk or see. Jesus healed him completely so that he was no longer possessed, nor blind or mute. 23 Everyone was dumbfounded by the things that Jesus did and they asked, “Could this cowboy be the Son of David?”

24 But when the Religious Know-It-Alls heard them ask this, they said, “Jesus can only do this because he has Satan’s power!”

25 Jesus knew what they were thinkin’ and said, “Any crew that is divided won’t be able to get the job done. You can’t pull on the reins and spur at the same time and expect to get anywhere. 26 If the devil drives himself out, he won’t be able to do his job. 27 If I drive out demons by the devil’s power, by what power do y’all drive them out? Y’alls followers are doin’ the same thing I am, so what does that say about them? 28 But if I bust demons out of people by the Power of God, then that means that God is right here with ya.”

29 “Let’s go on with this a little longer. How can you take a badger’s babies without getting bit? If you shoot the mama, then you’ll be able to take her babies.”

30 “If you don’t ride with me, you are my enemy. If you don’t gather with me, then you scatter what I am tryin’ to do. 31 I’m tellin’ you straight that every sin and wrong doing will be forgiven except sinning against the Power of God. You can talk trash about me and it will be forgiven. But if you say that the Spirit of God is just hogwash, you will never want to ride with me or believe in God. For this, you will not be forgiven–in this time, or any time that comes.”

33 “A cow is judged on what kind of calf she throws. Make a cow healthy and she will throw a healthy calf. If a cow is unhealthy or sick, she will have a sick calf. 34 Y’all Know-It-Alls are a den of snakes! How can a snake tell someone what is good? Whatever is in your heart will spill up and out of your mouth. 35 A good cowboy will bring good things up out of his good heart without even knowing it, and the evil man will throw up his nastiness on everyone around and not think anything about it. 36 But I’m warnin’ you the next time you let your tongue slip, you will have to explain every single slip and careless word on judgment day. 37 You words today will affect your outcome when you die. They will either get you turned out on perfect pastures or get you shipped off on the killer truck.”

Religious Leaders Want a Miracle

38 Some of the Know-It-Alls and legalistic professors said to Jesus, “Mr. Teacher, we want to see one of these miracles we keep hearin’ about.”

39 He answered them, “Only wicked folks who don’t believe ask for proof of who I am. The only miracle you will see is the same one that happened to the great Godly cowboy Jonah. 40 He spent three days and nights in the belly of a big catfish. I will spend three days and nights in the belly of the earth. 41 When Jonah got out of the fish, he went to Nineveh and told them to quit behavin’ like they were or they were goin’ to hell. That city listened to him and turned to God. Now standin’ before you is a cowboy greater than Jonah and you still don’t believe. 42 Even the Queen of Sheba, who didn’t even know who God was, came and asked Solomon where he got his great wisdom. She listened to him and believed. She will rise up and not speak favorably of all of y’all when judgment day comes because you do not believe or change after you’ve heard the truth. Now one greater and wiser than Solomon is standing here and you still refuse to believe.”

43 “When I chase the wolf out of your henhouse (that’s cleaning out the evil things you have done), it goes out and searches for another food source. 44-45When it can’t find anything to eat, it returns with its whole pack and finds your henhouse standing wide open. This is what happens when men are forgiven of the things they have done wrong, but don’t start ridin’ for God. They end up worse than when they started.”

Jesus Tells Who His Real Family Is

46 While Jesus was still talkin’ to folks, his momma and his brothers waited outside to talk to him. 47 Someone said, “Hey, your momma and your brothers are waiting outside. They want to talk to you.”

48 Jesus told him, “Who do you think my mom and brothers are?” 49 He turned to his twelve cowboys and said, “My brothers and mother are sittin’ right here with me. 50 Anyone that rides for my Father’s Brand is my real family.”


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  • Us Americans are so prideful of our ‘perfect’ translations of God’s Word to the point that we are killing each other with bitter words over which one is the best. This Cowboy version translates it into a language that can be understood by someone who really needs it. Now what can be better than that?

  • Kristin Warren, Pontotoc, MS

    The Cowboy version translates so easily understandable that a child could understand. Looking forward to getting my copy and hoping that one day there will be a complete Cowboy Bible.

  • When a cowboy or cowgirl picks up God’s word, they should be able to understand what God is telling them! SCV has done that with a flair that is permeated in the Western Heritage language, something all can understand man woman or child. God Bless Kevin Weatherby and his work!

  • I am so greatful for all your hard work with the Simplified Cowboy Version”. You have taken the bible an made it so easy to read and UNDERSTAND, that I can give it to my 11 year old daughter and not have to translate it for her. You make the bible come alive. Thanks for all that you do and God Bless!

    Sandra Tibbs, Clovis, NM

  • Melissa Myers

    It’s easy to understand and is fun to read at the same time.

  • “Kevin Weatherby and Campfore Cowboy Ministries understand the importance of reaching men where they are. By integrating the cowboy lifestyle and language, CCM has successfully made Scripture relevant to a new generations of outlaws in need of a Trail Boss.” Evan Dawson, founder of Third Option Men

  • “Kevin Weatherby and Campfire Cowboy Ministries understand the importance of reaching men where they are. By integrating the cowboy lifestyle and language, CCM has successfully made Scripture relevant to a new generation of outlaws in need of a Trail Boss.” Evan Dawson, founder of Third Option Men

  • Walter Taylor

    The Simplified Cowboy Version is as simple as that, simple and cowboy. I’ve been reaching out to the youth and cowboys for years, at rodeo bible camps and other events, the number one thing I hear is ” The bible doesn’t make sense and its hard to read”. I beleive the SCV will help open their eyes and lead more cowboys to the greener pastures.

    Walter Taylor, Endicott, WA
    Catalyst Cowboy Church

  • Call it a cowboy concordance. It doesn’t replace the bible, but does make it a whole lot easier to understand. Cory Johnson – Waller, TX

  • Richard Thompson

    It is truly a blessing to have the Simplfied Cowboy Version. Now reading the Lords good book doesn’t leave me feelin like a cow looking at a new gate!!

    • Richard Thompson

      Richard Thompson, Stanton TX

  • Greg Box

    Our Awesome God’s Love, Grace, Compassion, Peace, Forgiveness, Strength, and Promise For Eternal Life Through Jesus Christ is simply humbly expressed through the Gifted and Talented Tool of Mr. Kevin Weatherby and Campfire Cowboy Ministries!! Talk about hearing the call and saddling up and riding for the only brand that truly means EVERYTHING – God Bless You And Your Family Always Cowboy!

    Your Brother In Christ,

    Greg Box
    Midland, Texas

  • Paige Hayes

    I just want to say that I think you have done a great job with this version, keep up the good work.

  • Erick Salverson

    Thank you for making this easy to understand and relating to everyday life.

  • Kelli Wright

    I wholeheartedly agree in hoping there will be a complete Simplified Cowboy Version published. It is such a joy to read the verses in terms we can all understand and relate to our daily lives. No cattle guard going to keep me away from this Good Book!

  • I do love the Simplified Cowboy Version of God’s Word. And I truely hope that it’s God’s will that His word once will be published in it’s entirety – Old and New Testament in Simplified Cowboy! Even Jesus told His parables straight from people’s everyday life – so that they might understand.

  • Jean Nelsen

    What a gift! We translate the Bible into all kinds of languages for the mission field, why not this one?
    You asked for input. Two ideas come mind for verse 34 and 43. Verse 34: “You den of rattlers! How can a cave stuffed full of snakes have anything good come out of it? In the same way, whatever is in your heart will spill up and out of your mouth.” Verse 43: I LOVE the hen house analogy, but when I read the original it says “When an evil spirit comes out of a man….” Not sure that’s really the same as “cleaning out the evil things you have done”? Seems like demons and sin are two different things, though I know one attracts the other. Up to you. I know the Holy Spirit will guide.

    GREAT job!!

  • When my brother was killed I was in a deep hole. I went out to the pasture and all the horses came and surrounded me, they somehow knew I was hurting, bad…My legs weren’t holding my body up to well, I grabbed some mane and held on to it to keep myself from falling. The horses were supporting me, standing there, and stood there with me while I cried my heart out. I will never forget that day. I don’t know how long I was out there, time just wasn’t, but not one, to my knowledge left. Months later I was going through my brothers stuff and came across a Cowboys Bible. My brother was a pro rodeo boy and someone must have given him this Bible. As I looked through it he had underlined and written notes all in the book. I came back to Christ because of this Bible and my life was never the same again. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  • Kim Casey

    Thank you for the SCV, it brings things to light in a language that is easier to relate too and understand. A big thank you to you and Christie for coming to our county, sharing all you have shared, and doing all you do, we love you!

  • This is great. I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to read the birth story. Here’s my take:

    One day Jesus was riding through a wheat field, and it happened to be on one of God’s take it easy and relax days. His cowboys were famished and picked some of the grain to eat. 2 When the Religious Know-It-Alls saw this, they said to Jesus, “Look at that! Your cowboys are breakin’ God’s law and workin’ on the day he told us to rest.”

    3 He answered, “Haven’t you heard what David did when his crew was hungry? 4 He entered God’s church, and he and all his men ate the food that had been left there as an offering to God.


    9 Then Jesus rode up to their church and went in,


    You’ve got one greater and wiser than Solomon standing here right in front of you and you still refuse to believe.”

  • laura

    The day has come that we as Christians must stand up and be heard threwhis word standing on His word and His promise I hope this book can help do that I raised three boys threw the help of my god and my church and couldnot have done so with out that help I stand on the rock Jesus Christ

  • Terry Parker

    Great readin’. Finally a version for cowboys by a cowboy. Cant wait to read the whole book and the following books from the gospels. Kevin has made it enjoyable to readthe scriptures thru all his SCV scriptures. Thank you

  • An honest translation for honest folks.

    Seth Craig
    Shacklefords, VA

  • Trey Wahrmund

    Kevin Weatherby’s work has made a world of diffence in my life and his interpretations through the Simplified Cowboy Version gives it to you straight. I thoroughly enjoy reading Kevin’s work.

  • Jean Nelsen

    Finally. A version of the Bible that cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, horse people and all their partners can understand. Kevin’s work allows them easy access to Jesus without having to figure out unfamiliar words or cultural context. It talks like they talk and will surely draw many to The Greatest Cowboy of all.

  • What a ministry! I believe Kevin is doing what a modern day paul would do , Figure out a persons culture And then go to them and tell them about christ in a way that they may understand. Here it is COWBOY what God wants you to know in your own language. Paul said “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings. ” Thanks kevin for obeying christ and reaching out to a culture you can realate to . I truley belive God has given these words in the “scv” to reach a culture that he loves .The lives that will be reached through this will really add to Gods Ranch hands when we all meet there.
    Until Then,
    Pastor Josh Sparkman
    No Fences Cowboy Church
    Falkville, AL

  • Kandis Stevens

    The cowboy version is so awesum, nuttin’ better than talkin’ to God and readin’ His word in the fields, this is how i talk so i love this version!

  • Cheryl Morrison

    I love the SCV, it is not only easy to understand, but fun to read! I just found it, and can’t stop reading it! Thanks for sharing it with us all!

  • Jack Savage

    The SVC is awesome. Finaly something that ain’t above my paygrade I can read & understand. Heck I don’t get paid fer thinking, just getting screwed down in the deep seat or building fence or one of the many other duties.
    It will be a real joy to read. I can not wait to get a hold of a copy & wear out the pages.

  • Mrs. Larry

    This is great. I’m sharing and hoping to help spread the word of you versions. They are delightful for this cowgirl at heart. God Bless and keep up the good work!

  • Jimmy Jeffcoat

    This book is pretty strong medicine that just about anyone can understand. Need to get it spread around. God bless you my friend. Jimmy Jeffcoat Spurger Texas

  • Other than purchasing the books that are out and prayer support – How can we support the finishing of this project?

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