You dang sure don’t deserve it, but you got it.

by Kevin on August 17, 2011

And if we got somethin’ wonderful we didn’t deserve, then there’s no way we could work for it; if we could, then grace wouldn’t be grace now would it?

Romans 11:6 (Simplified Cowboy Version)

There’s a stupid line of thinking that goes something like this, “If I do something good, God loves me. If I mess up, He hates me.”

It ain’t possible for God to love you anymore than lettin’ his son die for you. What does He ask in return? To just love his son and let him take care of you.

It’s not about what we do. It’s about what we believe and the impact this belief has on us and others.

No good works are better than a life lived by faith and trust in the Lord.

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  • Brandon Tippie

    You are exactly right, I don’t deserve it, but I’m sure glad I have it.

  • Ed

    Great way to word it. And I love the picture too!

  • jack

    Were can I get a simplified cowboy version.?
    Thanks Jack

    • Kevin

      Hey Jack, hopefully the Gospel of Matthew will be available in the near, near future! I’m working on the whole New Testament and we’ve decided to release them individually instead of waiting the year or two it will take me. Until then, you might check out the Top 100 Bible Verses from the SCV.

  • Paul Weatherby

    Right on “point” on the drive. Those with faith pulling up “drag” will guide all others in the right direction>
    Keep up the good work, Son.

  • It’s amazing how hard it is to believe that. It’s so easy to slip back into feeling like God loves us less when we mess up.

    Good reminder.

  • For sure!


  • Greg Box

    Amen Brother Kevin!

    Blessings To You And Your Family!

  • Buster

    I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing! ~ Galations 2:21 …’nuf said!!! Thank you Kevin for all you do!

  • David Faas

    Is the idiom,That’s for Dang Sure? Common during the 1800’s??? Old west.Please reply back to my email address With the Answer.Regards,Dave:-)

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