You’ll Never Call Shotgun Again

by Kevin on August 12, 2014

Nobody calls shotgun on a ranch. That is the position that has to open the gate. And if you’ve never had to walk up to a wire gate and open it while three or four cowboys watch, then you’ve sure missed out on a humbling experience.

A gate will either be too loose or too tight. One is not better than the other. 

If it is too loose, then it will be held up by nine miles of old baling wire that is wrapped around and tied off to every other piece of wood, wire, and staple. Trying to find the starting point is like trying to find a mosquito in a dark room.

If it is too tight, you will struggle, fight, cuss, and embarrass yourself trying to act like you aren’t trying with all of your might not to look like a five-foot sissy trying to saddle a Clydesdale.

There is an internal stop watch that is going in every cowboy’s mind while trying to open the gate. He knows that he only has so long to get it open before all the other cowboys get out and come “help”. As the time slips away, so does the nerves.

Sure, we’re gonna laugh at ya if it takes you longer than four seconds to open that wire gate. But the only reason is that we’ve been there before.

God gave us wire gates to teach us humility.

Oh, and one more thing…before you go to quoting the song, “Cowboy Logic”, I have one question for ya.

If you’re sitting in the middle, do you slide over when the cowboy gets out to open the gate? (Hint…if you don’t, you’ll get made fun of. If you do, you’ll get made fun of.)

Have a great week!

Kevin Weatherby

wire gates

P.S. A few people have said that the “correct” term for a wire gate is a wire “gap”. Like Paul, I chose the term gate because everyone knows what that is. (I would rather speak five words that can be understood in order to teach others than thousands of words in a different language. 1 Corinthians 14:19)

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