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A class graft begins with a brief description of the class and then moves on to the following sections.

Special Rules: If the graft requires some tinkering beyond the normal rules for class grafts, the graft has a special rules entry describing it.

Required Array: This entry lists which array an NPC has to use to receive the class graft.

Adjustments: These adjustments change some of the statistics provided by the array.

Skills: The class graft might also list skills, categorized as master or good, that count toward the skills granted by the NPC’s array.

Ability Score Modifiers: This lists the ability score modifiers that are usually highest for this class. They’re in order from highest to lowest, but you can mix them up as you see fit.

Gear: Most NPCs with class grafts use gear rather than relying on natural attacks. This entry gives guidelines for assigning weapons, armor, and other significant equipment to members of the class, listing the level of the gear. Gear has a minimum level of 1 and a maximum level of 20. For example, if a creature’s CR is 1/2 or if the creature’s CR is 1 and the graft suggests an item of “CR – 1,” you would give it level 1 gear. As mentioned on page 128, you can skew the creature’s gear by a few levels, though you might need to make other adjustments to its statistics if you do so.

Abilities by CR: Depending on the NPC’s CR, it gains a certain number of class features from the chosen class and potentially some special abilities of your choosing; these replace the special abilities the creature receives from the array. The NPC’s CR corresponds to its effective class level, so a CR 3 creature would be a 3rd-level mechanic.

Apply the abilities from the entry that matches your NPC’s CR or the next-lowest CR. For instance, if you are creating a CR 4 NPC and the class graft lists abilities for only CR 3 and CR 5, use the CR 3 entry. Apply only one CR entry. Class features that have a DC use the ability DC from the NPC’s array, or you can use the base spell DC if you prefer.

Usually, a class graft gives an NPC more options than it would normally get from the array. Still, if there are special abilities your NPC absolutely needs, you can add them in. Just be careful not to make your NPC too powerful for the CR you chose.

When you pick a class feature that improves another class feature, the NPC is assumed to also have all the prerequisites. For example, if you took quick inspiring boost for a CR 4 envoy, the NPC would be considered to have inspiring boost as well. If a class feature option has a level requirement, you can pick one from the lower-level set of options if you so choose. For instance, if a class graft grants a 6th-level operative exploit, you can choose a 2nd-level operative exploit instead.


Source Alien Archive pg. 141
These spellcasters meld magic and technology.
Special Rules: In general, spells must come from the technomancer spell list. When choosing a spell for cache capacitor, you don’t have to choose one of the spells from the list of the spells the technomancer knows.
Required Array: Spellcaster.
Adjustments: None.
Skills: Master Computers and good Mysticism.
Ability Modifiers: Intelligence, Dexterity, and Wisdom.
Gear: Light armor (item level = CR), small arm (item level = CR), and basic melee weapon (item level = CR – 1).
Abilities by CR: CR 1: Spell cache and one special ability.
CR 2: Spell cache, one 2nd-level magic hack, and one special ability.
CR 5: Spell cache, one 5th-level magic hack, and one 2nd-level magic hack.
CR 6: Spell cache, cache capacitor 1, one 5th-level magic hack, and one 2nd-level magic hack.
CR 8: Spell cache, cache capacitor 1, one 8th-level magic hack, and one 5th-level magic hack.
CR 11: Spell cache, cache capacitor 1, one 11th-level magic hack, and one 8th-level magic hack.
CR 12: Spell cache, cache capacitor 2, one 11th-level magic hack, and one 8th-level magic hack.
CR 14: Spell cache, cache capacitor 2, one 14th-level magic hack, and one 11th-level magic hack.
CR 17: Spell cache, cache capacitor 2, and two 14th-level magic hacks.
CR 18: Spell cache, cache capacitor 3, and two 14th-level magic hacks.
Template Grafts - Archives of Nethys: Starfinder RPG Database (2024)
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